At Grasshopper Green children are placed in classes with other children close to their age. Daily they interact with each other by playing with toys, reading books, working on arts and crafts, and playing on our large, secluded playground. They learn social skills that will help them throughout their lives.

The children work on different units in their classrooms that teaches them their letters, numbers, shapes, and colors by doing crafts, working on worksheets, reading stories, and singing songs. They also do projects for the holidays as well as study the environment, the 5 senses, dinosaurs, and more. To get exercise and release energy each day, weather permitting, the children go outside and enjoy our large, private, wooded playground. To add to what the children do in the classrooms each day, we use the High Reach curriculum.

Each week all pre-school students have gym class twice a week and music class once a week. Once they enter a three-year old classroom they go to computer class once a week and once they enter a four-year old classroom they go to spanish twice a week as well. Each of these special classes is with a teacher other than their regular classroom teachers.

See our Daily Life for a more detailed look at a day in the life of a Grasshopper Green Student.